KEEPERSTRATEGY Operar como un trader profesional

Nunca había sido tan fácil


Software that brings together the best crypto market traders and makes them available to everyone

Keeperstrategy is a web portal in which investors can select the traders they want and replicate their operations semi-automatically, thanks to the use of a maximum security software that works with Binance. Following the traders’ operations has never been so easy and safe

There are two profiles: trader and investor. Traders are those people who want to send their trades and investors to copy in exchange for a monthly fee. Investor is the person who does not want to advertise as an operator on the platform, just wants to select the trader that he likes the most and replicate his operations


With this software we offer the cryptocurrency traders the necessary tools to get all the performance to the market, providing high quality software which increases the functionality of the exchanges and allows the trader to operate more profitably. The traders that want to advertise on the portal web have to send us their trades history and enter a 30-day trial phase where their operations will be analyzed and it will be verified that the history they have sent us is real.


It offers the possibility to investors of cryptocurrencies to follow traders and copy their operations. With the software the copy of operations will be semiautomatic since they will only have to load the operation of the trader who they have selected and indicate the amount of investment, all this can be done from the mobile phone, offering security and comfort to the investor.



The keeperstrategy software will allow you to operate as a professional trader without investing time or knowledge, helping you to increase your profit and reduce your losses, in a comfortable and safe way.

Select your trader

Select the trader that you like the most: each trader has some characteristics as operator. Make a study of his data and follow the one that best suits your investment style


For us, security is the most important thing: for this reason the software is made in application format, so it will work on your computer or server and we will not have compromising data of your Exchange

Get the software

Place the order and run the software on your computer or server. The software needs to be always on for its proper functioning, that’s why we create an Amazon server or if you want you can use your own

Operate like the trader

Copy the operation of your trader: you only have to open the software, load the file you have received and enter the amount you want to invest in that operation. All this is also possible through the mobile phone using the Microsoft Remote Desktop application that will connect to your computer/server where your software will be running



  • Keeperstrategy allows you to unleash your full potential, as a trader, due to the software expands in a large number the functionalities that currently have the exchanges, very limited nowadays. These functionalities allow the development of much more robust strategies and apply them with total comfort without investing so much time or effort

  • By announcing you as a trader in our web portal, you will be given the chance to become known as a trader and attract new investors, by offering a semi-automatic trading system that will allow the investors who follow you to copy your trades with total comfort and also from the mobile phone.


Keeperstrategy software functionalities

How the software helps to boost the performance of traders:

Protect your capital

Protect our capital against a sudden fall in the crypto market

Improve your trading

Allows to put Stop Loss and profit takings in the same investment

Increase your security

We only have the public API of the exchange. The user enters the private key in his software and encrypts it. Money withdrawals are disabled by default

Dynamic StopLoss

Allows you to set floating Stop Loss to follow the market price

Multiple account manager

Provide your trading strategy to all your customers in an automated way

Invisible orders

The purchase and sale actions performed by the software are on the market so they are not reflected as pending orders in the market depth

Increase your performance

It allows you to make a much more powerful distribution of your capital

Control remoto

Mediante una aplicación móvil podremos controlar el software en cualquier momento y lugar

Spreads of execution

Controls the openings and closures of operation by price bands, getting large purchases and sales gradually within the price range



How do we overcome the great impediment of the signals such as pumps and dumps?

Our software has the option of working with price frames and depth readings indicated as spreads, this means that the trader can send his strategy with an indicated spread. This spread makes all investors enter different prices in the asset, so it helps to soften the movement generated by all the customers that the trader manages In addition to this we have the option to activate the limitation of entry in the trade, with this the investment strategy that the trader sends will not allow you to enter more than a certain capital in the transaction. This amount will be indicated by the trader and will vary depending on the number of clients you have.

How do we know that the exposed results of the trader are real?

The trader’s software sends a message every time he makes a purchase order, take a target or a Stop Loss is executed. This information is processed in a calculation engine automatically and the data obtained is shown in the history.

What does a trader have to do to appear in the search engine?

Any trader can appear in the search engine. The law of supply and demand makes the best valued position the first taking into account results, experience and followers.

What do I have to do to install the software?

Software is not installed, there is only one requirement and it is to have Java installed. The software opens by double clicking on the executable file.

How do we maintain the anonymity of the trader?

Part of our technology consists of the distribution of the message system. The trader sends his operation to the company and the company automatically forwards that operation to his clients so the merchant and his followers never have direct contact with the anonymity of the merchant.

How do we prevent someone from using the signals of the trader to speculate in the market?

The strategies that the trader sends are encrypted. Neither the company nor the trader’s followers can see it, so customers only know what cryptocurrency is the signal but they do not know where the values ​​that contain the strategy are, such as Stop Loss, targets, purchase price, etc.

Can I use my own server?

Yes, of course, the servers created by us are simply for those people who do not know how to create one in a particular way.

How is the software and trader service paid?

There are two payment options: quarterly or annual. The trader you choose will be included in the price and payment methods can be through paypal, credit card or Bitcoin/Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

How can I only obtain the software without the payment of the trader and without appearing in the trader search engine?

On the website, by choosing the advanced license, you can purchase the software without having to choose a trader.


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